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Hi, I’m Chris.

Founder and CEO of Trainual, author of 100 Hacks to Improve Your Business, “The Process Playbook” Inc.com columnist, small business investor, husband, and father. 

The Process Playbook

Dig into my weekly column on Inc.com to learn how to grow your business,  document your processes, and simplify your onboarding and training.


Learn more about the world’s leading training distribution platform, then start your free trial and get your business out of your brain.

IGTV Channel

Daily inspiration, weekly fuel, and all the behind-the-scenes moments as I build Trainual, travel, tackle training goals, and balance it all with playtime and date nights.

Do it. Document it.

Delegate it.™

Join 5,000+ systems-focuses entreprneneurs and business leaders scaling their processes and growing their teams with one simple tool.

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As a speaker, I combine my experience as a serial entrepreneur, startup leader, lifelong Type 1 diabetic and athlete to share unique lessons and actionable insights on overcoming struggle, finding clarity in chaos, and defining strategies for organizing processes, streamlining systems, and scaling your business while creating more time for doing what you love.

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