Vacation Like a Boss

Chris Ronzio

School is ending, working is slowing down, and vacations are starting to pop-up. In just a few days, I’ll be heading to Italy with my wife for 4 weeks. Tim Ferriss calls it a mini-retirement, which is a concept that I love. Here’s how I plan for it to go down:

No Phones

If you have a phone attached to you, it’s not a vacation, it’s a remote workday. I love and encourage working remotely, but if it’s a real vacation, ditch the phone. Or get a pre-paid “undercover” phone for emergencies only.

Computer/iPad, Optional

If you need to check in, do it sparingly. I’m planning a once a week extended coffee-shop visit. If I didn’t, curiosity would creep into my subconscious. If you can do without electronics, you don’t know your own strength.

Rent an Apartment

Hotels are a nice indulgence, but too expensive for long trips. We opted for an apartment to really get into the local culture.

Enlist Help at Home

Zirtual to the rescue! While I’m gone, my Virtual Assistant will keep my life in order. Filtering and sorting emails, helping with quick projects, even booking weekend train rides to Naples or Venice so I don’t have to fumble around in the train station. I can’t recommend this enough.

Automate Your House

Using and Nest, I can adjust my thermostat and set my alarm, from Italy. Safe house, low energy bill. (I also have aggressive and loyal neighbors)

Plan for Paper

Do you receive bills or checks by mail? Check out a service like Or, have a friend get your mail, and send you PDFs using GeniusScan.

Then, Stop Planning

Plan for your vacation, but don’t plan your vacation. Itineraries and checklists are for the work-week. Meandering without a destination and experiencing life as it comes is what vacation is about.

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