Time Travel with Boomerang

Chris Ronzio

I believe in processing email on my own schedule, and sending email on my own schedule.

Here’s a few ways that I hack email with Boomerang:

1. To look like a workaholic

Have you ever gotten an email from someone at 1:43am and thought, “wow, they are dedicated.” Well, with Boomerang, I sometimes schedule emails to send in the middle of the night so that I look busier. The person on the receiving end of that message will think you’re a workaholic, so only use this trick to your advantage if you want to seem like one.

2. To be polite

It’s Friday afternoon at 4:51pm, and you finally finished your part on a big project. You’re right about to ping-pong it back to a coworker, but you know in the back of your head that it will be hard for them to ignore it all weekend. So, you politely schedule that message to send at 5am on Monday morning. What a nice co-worker you are.

3. To send the perfectly timed message

Like sending “happy birthday” emails? Send a year’s worth in one sitting by scheduling messages to arrive in your friend’s mailbox right on time. One less thing to remember.

How do you hack time with email?




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