Happy New Year! What better way to celebrate than to get rid of all the paper that you built up in 2013?

If getting organized is your idea of fun (like mine), take an hour or two and dig through your filing cabinet, drawers, magazine racks, nightstand, and anywhere else that paper builds up, and think about what you still need.

Some things (like Christmas present receipts from 2012 or free drink coupons that expired in March) seem important at the time, and quickly become meaningless. Toss them!

Do you really need the Pottery Barn Summer collection catalog, or the stubs from bills you paid a couple years ago? Recycle! Shred!

Other things might still be important. File them away, or scan them into Evernote with your phone or this awesome scanner.

Make some space for 2014, because you’re sure to collect a lot more junk this year.

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