Hire Your Subconscious

Chris Ronzio

I’ve been reading a cool book recently about the art of “clearing”, or freeing your mind of things that are unknowingly weighing you down.

So far, my biggest takeaway has been about solving problems. We all have problems, whether they are massive, life-changing issues or minor mental-glitches (what is the name of that actor?!). It’s funny how we immediately concentrate on finding solutions, rather than clearly identifying the problem and letting our minds go to work. Our minds are full of billions of pieces of data, and some of that data is just more accessible than other data is. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Rather than doing a hundred guess-and-checks next time you have a problem, take 2-5 minutes to map out the issue, envision the ideal solution, and identify related goals, challenges, obstacles, and fears. Then, move on! Start working on something else, exercise, run some errands, go to sleep… You’ll be surprised how, when you least expect it, that piece of information you were looking for suddenly appears out of nowhere.

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