Getting Started With Fancy Hands

Chris Ronzio

Earlier this year, Russ Perry introduced me to Fancy Hands, a virtual assistant service that I’ve talked a lot about. I asked him to write up a few tips for other people who want to get started with the service, and here is what he had to say:


No matter where you are in life everyone – and I mean everyone – needs a personal virtual assistant. Fancy Hands is my company of choice and unquestionably is a game changer for saving time and mental sanity. Being able to delegate the urgent, but not important, allows me to focus on the tasks that matter most to me, my family and my business.

Here are a few of my favorite tips:

1. A.B.D. – Always Be Delegating

At first it is going to seem like you are grasping to find tasks to delegate. Keep it simple. If it can be done by a computer or phone, it can be delegated to Fancy Hands. Once or twice a day consciously review your to-do list to find the hidden tasks you can off-load.

2. Use templates

For tasks you find yourself frequently requesting – create a template somewhere you can copy and paste from easily. This also makes it easy to edit the task details as your request evolves.

3. The power of the voice! 

Using the mobile app to record and submit voice recorded tasks may seem strange at first but getting into the habit of verbally recording your idea or request unlocks a tremendous amount of insightful moments! I recommend using this feature in the car and don’t worry about making it perfect. The FH assistants are fantastic at turning your rambling stream of consciousness into an actionable request.




Russ uses Fancy Hands 
daily to help people live fully engaged and love the brands they represent. Learn more at

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