Everything Great Starts with a Pursuit

Chris Ronzio

This week I reread Chris Guillebeau’s first book, “The Art of Non-Conformity” as a lead-in to his new book, “The Happiness of Pursuit”. There’s a common theme in these books. Whether you’re after a degree, training for a marathon, or starting a business, success starts with the decision to pursue success. Everything great starts with a pursuit.

At first, you might not know what you’re pursuing. Your career might evolve as it unfolds, or your travel itinerary extends indefinitely, or your quest to lose a few pounds uncovers a passion for fitness. As you walk, you meet people along the same path. You collect life experience, and one day you realize how all of the pieces fit together.

Greatness (and happiness) comes from the pursuit, not at the end of it. Setting your sights on a grand achievement adds structure to your life. It helps you measure progress. It gives you purpose, removes the clutter and helps you live the life that you want to live.

When you can do anything, there’s no excuse for doing nothing.


What are you pursuing? Comment below and I’ll send one person a copy of Chris’ new book!




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