Email Hack: Automated Email Reminders

Chris Ronzio

SaneReminders is one of my favorite features of SaneBox, which is one of my favorite email hacks. Here’s how I use it:

To Delay a Message

If I’m not ready to process a message, or I know I need to deal with it at a certain date, I just forward it to a future date, like This is great for kicking the can down the road for a task that I don’t need to do yet. Like if someone asks me to complete an application by next Friday, I’ll forward the message to and worry about it then. This little trick keeps my inbox clean, and lets me deal with things only when they’re relevant.

For Dependable Followup

If I want to make sure someone replies to me, like for a task I’m delegating, I just Bcc a future date to get notified if I don’t hear back from them sooner. I also use this to keep myself accountable for on-time followups. When I’m talking to a client or prospect and I tell them I’ll check in again in a month, I just Bcc and the message will return to my inbox right on schedule. Maybe you’ve used Boomerang; this is similar but it works from any browser or device.

For Recurring Reminders

To remind myself of things on an ongoing basis, like to pay a credit card bill on the 5th of the month, I send an email to with the subject line “Pay credit card bill”. Then, without fail, the message will hit my inbox on the right day as a reminder to do the task.
SaneBox works wherever you read your email (Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, Apple Mail, Outlook, iPhone, Android etc), and as the name suggests, helps put some sanity back into email! I highly recommend it.
For more on how SaneReminders works, click here.


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