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Why I Started Managing My Diabetes Like I Manage My Clients

You may or may not know that I have Type 1 Diabetes, but today marks (celebrates?) 21 years since I was diagnosed. And ironically, considering how innovation-filled my professional life is, my life as a diabetic has been relatively low tech until just recently. Last month, I featured a company […]

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Greatest Hits 2014
2014’s Greatest Hits

I know, you’ve been busy all year. Each week, you’ve fought the urge to read my blog because there was some important fire to put out. But now that the fires have subsided and the holidays are behind us, you have some catching up to do! Here are my 10 […]

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Training Software
So, I bought a software company

What a crazy fall it’s been! A new baby, lots of awesome new clients, and now, a new business. I bought a software company. Well, more like I bought a web application. A software-as-a-service business. Here’s the story, and a special offer for the first few people to jump on […]

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Products for Better Sleep
The Shopping Spree That Will Help You Sleep

Two things happened this week. First, my 8 week old slept 8 hours through the night, way ahead of the schedule that all the naysayers forecasted for me (sweet!). Second, I met two business owners who admitted to having trouble sleeping through the night (not sweet!). A lot of entrepreneurs […]

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Happiness of Pursuit Book
Everything Great Starts with a Pursuit

Whether you’re after a degree, training for a marathon, or starting a business, success starts with the decision to pursue success. Everything great starts with a pursuit.

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The New Sunday Paper

Sunday morning is blog reading time. Only 563 to go…

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Do Your Pants Fit?

You know you have one. A pair of pants that doesn’t quite fit. Maybe they’re a little too big around the waist, but everything else is perfect and you love them, so you keep them. Maybe they’re a little too tight, but you pop open the top button and wear […]

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One Week Until My Baby is Due. Am I Ready?

I’ve always wanted to be a parent. I knew that someday it would happen, when I was ready. But more and more, friends are telling me that I can’t possibly prepare for what lies ahead. So what does it mean to be ready?

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How to Get Any Job You Want

Finding a job is just like running your own company – except you are the product and potential employers are your customers. So, here are a few tips to land ANY job that you set out for!

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Summer Summary!

What a crazy summer it’s been! Now that I’m finally behind my desk in AZ, I figured a blog post was long overdue. Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on, with more useful posts coming next week. EVC launched new HD files on custom USB sticks, and they […]

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