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Home Automation: 2015 Edition

Home automation is happening, but with so many devices and hubs popping up on the market, what should you invest in now? Here’s what I did.

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How to Get Any Job You Want

Finding a job is just like running your own company – except you are the product and potential employers are your customers. So, here are a few tips to land ANY job that you set out for!

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Bunnies vs Snakes

I’ve lived in Arizona for almost two years now, and the only snake I’ve ever seen was lost on side of the highway. Mountain Lions are hardly ever seen, and Scorpions are close by, but you need a black light to find most of them. Predators in general tend to […]

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Separation Anxiety: How to be Self-Employed

I have two offices; One is 400 miles away, and the other is 2,300. In 2009, I made the decision to leave my office and focus on growing my company, and while I might not recommend such a drastic move for everyone, I can’t stress enough how important it is […]

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Don't Fight Your Instincts

Too often, we're told to improve on our weaknesses. Instead, become an expert in your strengths.

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The Art of the Archive

Email is probably one of the most overused communication tools on the planet. But if you know how to manage it, then it’s still the best. Think about it – phone calls and text messages are interruptions, Facebook messages and tweets are gateways to hours of distraction, and actually talking […]

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How 20% Time Can Work For You

If you haven’t heard of 20% time, it’s the brain-child business practice behind Google’s Gmail and countless other innovative products. And if you aren’t doing it (or something like it) for your business, you may be missing out! 20% time is the idea that an employee should spend 20% of […]

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New Website

Just launched this new website, but it’s taking a little while to access the database from my old blog to retrieve old posts! I hope to have them up here shortly, and then I’ll be writing new content soon. Thanks for visiting!

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For Organizations: Make a Free Event Site

Occasionally we get asked at EVC to help organizations out with their websites. I”m sure other video companies get the same requests – most people would assume that if you know video, you know graphics, you know web, you know audio, etc. And while that might be the case, play […]

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