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Goldilocks Work: Projects, Tasks, Sessions
Goldilocks Work: The Difference Between Projects & Tasks

All of the work we end up doing falls into three separate buckets: projects, sessions, and tasks. Before you can be really productive, you need to dedicate just the right amount of time to something – so that you can start and finish what you intended to, leaving you feeling “just right”. That’s Goldilocks work.

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Training Software
So, I bought a software company

What a crazy fall it’s been! A new baby, lots of awesome new clients, and now, a new business. I bought a software company. Well, more like I bought a web application. A software-as-a-service business. Here’s the story, and a special offer for the first few people to jump on […]

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Credit Cards
Why I Caved and Started Accepting Credit Cards… And Why You Should Too

I’ve always steered away from taking cards for my consulting business, because with several thousand-dollar transactions, the fees on one payment are enough to buy an iPad.

Here’s why I finally decided it’s worth the expense.

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5 things you should do right now to take the stress out of tax time

This is a Guest Post by Cameron McCool from Bench for   Taxes are the last thing you want to think about during the holiday season. But as soon as we enter the new year, Tax Season will be upon us. To help, here are five simple things you […]

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So This is How Twitter Works - Chris Ronzio
Oh, So This is How Twitter Works

I’m usually an early adopter, but not this time. I signed up for Twitter in April 2011, long after it was cool. I posted a few clever observations and an occasional rant, and then I went dark. For 3 years. About a month ago I read Platform by Michael Hyatt, […]

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The $5 I Spent to Make this Blog Interesting

Last week, I went on Fiverr, a handy resource for services starting at just 5 dollars. I started searching for copywriters – people that could browse through my website and give me tough feedback on what I should change or eliminate to better communicate my messaging.

Then, I stumbled on something great.

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Apple Store on my desk
Mac App’in

Hey there fellow Mac user! (PC people might find some of this useful too, but these recommendations are based on my experience with certain apps on my Mac, not their PC versions (if they have them)). I have a couple of tools on my iMac and MacBook Pros that I […]

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How to Get Any Job You Want

Finding a job is just like running your own company – except you are the product and potential employers are your customers. So, here are a few tips to land ANY job that you set out for!

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I Love Appliances: Just Add Recipes

I’m coming up on my one year anniversary of being married, and as any newlywed knows, with marriage often comes a strange fascination with small kitchen appliances. Walking around Crate & Barrel on wedding-gift-registration day with my price scanning laser in hand, I was immediately awe-stricken by hundreds of mini-solutions […]

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Google+ Meetings = Awesome

Though Google+ overall may have missed the mark (again), Hangouts are a force to be reckoned with.

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