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Goldilocks Work: Projects, Tasks, Sessions
Goldilocks Work: The Difference Between Projects & Tasks

All of the work we end up doing falls into three separate buckets: projects, sessions, and tasks. Before you can be really productive, you need to dedicate just the right amount of time to something – so that you can start and finish what you intended to, leaving you feeling “just right”. That’s Goldilocks work.

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Why I Started Managing My Diabetes Like I Manage My Clients

You may or may not know that I have Type 1 Diabetes, but today marks (celebrates?) 21 years since I was diagnosed. And ironically, considering how innovation-filled my professional life is, my life as a diabetic has been relatively low tech until just recently. Last month, I featured a company […]

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Home Automation: 2015 Edition

Home automation is happening, but with so many devices and hubs popping up on the market, what should you invest in now? Here’s what I did.

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Find on Google
How Customers Search on Google for Businesses Like Yours

Almost 70% of all web search traffic comes from Google. Here’s everything you need to know about being where your customers are looking for you, from Loud Rumor CEO Mike Arce.

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Time Travel with Boomerang

I believe in processing email on my own schedule, and sending email on my own schedule. Here’s a few ways that I hack email with Boomerang: 1. To look like a workaholic Have you ever gotten an email from someone at 1:43am and thought, “wow, they are dedicated.” Well, with Boomerang, I […]

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password protection lock
Everything You Need to Know about Password Protection

Remembering passwords is a waste of time. But you probably know that already. There are TONS of different solutions out there for remembering your passwords or allowing secure access to your devices, so more and more frequently I’m getting asked, “Which One?“. If you’re deciding on how to protect your […]

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Training Course
Create a Training Course People Will Actually Use

For a few months, Design Pickle has been using the cloud-based software Trainual to train our team as we grow. Seeing that we are a virtual company, it is impossible for me to meet and train anyone in the traditional sense. Even if we were a brick and mortar company, […]

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Greatest Hits 2014
2014’s Greatest Hits

I know, you’ve been busy all year. Each week, you’ve fought the urge to read my blog because there was some important fire to put out. But now that the fires have subsided and the holidays are behind us, you have some catching up to do! Here are my 10 […]

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The Blog Post that Got 5x More Traffic Than Any Other Post

I was looking at Google Analytics for my website last month, and I noticed something weird. One blog post – a short, non-spectactular post – had over 1,000 unique views. To put that in context, that’s almost 5 times as many views as my second most popular post that month, […]

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Training Software
So, I bought a software company

What a crazy fall it’s been! A new baby, lots of awesome new clients, and now, a new business. I bought a software company. Well, more like I bought a web application. A software-as-a-service business. Here’s the story, and a special offer for the first few people to jump on […]

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