So, I bought a software company

Chris Ronzio

What a crazy fall it’s been! A new baby, lots of awesome new clients, and now, a new business.

I bought a software company. Well, more like I bought a web application. A software-as-a-service business. Here’s the story, and a special offer for the first few people to jump on board.

When I was running my video production company, we had 11 employees and over 300 subcontractors. Regardless of how amazing our equipment was, or how great our relationship with the client, there was one thing that could screw up any event.

Bad training.

Bad training (or no training at all) could ruin an entire production, or really even the whole business. We could lose footage, communicate something incorrectly, or forget an event entirely. Yes, it happened, and it was horrible.

Event Fail

As a small business, we also put a ton of pressure on each person to juggle everything and drop nothing. So when an employee quit, we’d frantically ask him or her to spend the rest of their days writing down everything that they do so that the next person could figure it out.

Document Position

So, as the business grew, we got smarter, and we put a TON of effort into developing and delivering training materials to the hundreds of people we worked with each year. When we finally set out to build quality materials, we had to decide how to do it.

My requirements:

  1. Must be easy to access
  2. Must be easy to update
  3. Must hold people accountable for learning

How I did it, and why it didn’t work

We started as a lot of companies do, with Google Docs (now Drive). Easy to access and update, but hard to keep organized. Our documents were everywhere and owned by the people that created them. And, when we shared them with someone new, we’d have no idea whether they actually retained anything.

So, we built quizzes using Wufoo, a form builder. Our quizzes displayed a series of multiple choice questions, but we had to manually read the email submissions to figure out if the person passed.

We built amazing training videos using keynote and cool diagrams in Photoshop.

Sales Table Camera

Eventually we even built an entire internal website on WordPress… that no one used.

Training Site

With our training content scattered everywhere and no real way to track user activity, all we could do was hope for the best and count on great people to stick around for as long as possible.

I finally found what I was looking for

Last summer, I worked with a client to outline all of the training for his company, and I found myself revisiting the same old problem. How to make it easy to access, easy to update, and hold people we’re training accountable for learning.

I remembered about a project I had heard about. Three students from ASU’s Entrepreneurship program had built some simple software for employee on-boarding. The product was awesome, but they were targeting big companies (read: very indecisive companies) that took a long time to buy. So, before the project really took off, they moved on to something else. I’m sure it will be awesome. But they were shutting down their training software and I had the opportunity to take it over.

So I took it.

Is this a shiny object?

No. My mission is to help business owners organize chaos so that they can spend more time doing what they love. Ensuring employees are properly trained means the owner doesn’t have to do the work. It means that it doesn’t take weeks or months to onboard a new employee. It means that your systems are documented so that one day someone else can buy or take over your company.

This fits. And I’m really excited about it.

It’s called Trainual (, and it’s the easiest way to build an online training manual for your company. It lets you:

  • Build courses and full curriculums for a specific position or department
  • Create quizzes to test knowledge and hold users accountable
  • Track user activity to see when they complete each course
  • Build an interactive Q&A forum where users can ask and answer questions

See all features HERE.

Where it’s headed

Right now, only my current clients and the people I’m sharing this blog with will know about the tool. I’m not advertising it, just sharing it with close friends and business owners in our networks that I can help directly.

When it launches next year, there will be plans ranging from $49-$499/mo depending on the size of the organization. But, I want to open it up now to a few early adopters.

Launch special

Now through Dec. 22 only… Get in a final deduction for the year and invest in training for 2015. This is over 91% off the top plan that I’ll be offering, and 15% cheaper than the lowest plan. But you get everything.


Click here to invest in better training for 2015!

The only way to get access right now is through this link. Feel free to share it, but I’ll be shutting this off at the end of the week!


Call or email me! I’ll tell you all about it or give you a private demo. But if you’re considering it, buy the offer above to lock in the deal. 60-day money back guarantee for any reason!

I wish this tool existed when I was running my video company, but I’m glad I’m able to share it with you now.




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