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couch bike
Old People Know Best

I love the satisfaction of flying into a city that turns out to be a little colder than anticipated, and buying what in that moment […]

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When Organizing Goes Too Far

I am a self-admitted manic organizer. Bordering on OCD, I enjoy long phone calls because they give me some quality time walking around the house […]

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Turn off the Firehose!

Let’s face it. Every day, we are bombarded with emails, texts, phone calls, voicemails, newsletters, magazines, offers, coupons, and other communication that we didn’t expect […]

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Retirement is Extinct

When I was younger, I was a saver. I saved my favorite stickers and temporary tattoos, thinking they were too good to use on any […]

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Looking to get involved in entrepreneurship?

CoFoundersLab has pulled together a list of the top 2-3 entrepreneur resources sites by U.S. market. These sites are the leaders in providing information and […]

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Your WordPress Webmaster

Have a WordPress site? Millions do (including me)! But, once you get your site installed, are you prepared to get your hands dirty and dig […]

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Vacation Like a Boss

School is ending, working is slowing down, and vacations are starting to pop-up. In just a few days, I’ll be heading to Italy with my […]

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TED Active – 5 Days on Mars

It’s been 8 weeks since TEDActive, the simulcast of TED’s main event in Long Beach, and my mind is only now beginning to process everything […]

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Mortgage Madness: How to Get a Mortgage as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, getting a mortgage can be an absolute nightmare. Just ask my wife, who spent two months convinced that we would be forever […]

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Tiny cup
I used to go to Starbucks. A lot.

For years, I’ve been a faithful Starbucks drinker. A gold-card carrying, latte ordering, coffee aficionado that regularly made out-of-the-way stops to find a Starbucks in […]

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