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Credit Cards
Why I Caved and Started Accepting Credit Cards… And Why You Should Too

I’ve always steered away from taking cards for my consulting business, because with several thousand-dollar transactions, the fees on one payment are enough to buy an iPad.

Here’s why I finally decided it’s worth the expense.

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5 things you should do right now to take the stress out of tax time

This is a Guest Post by Cameron McCool from Bench for   Taxes are the last thing you want to think about during the […]

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Broken Light
Make Your Idea Happen (For Real This Time)

A few times a week, I find myself saying something I’ve been saying over and over again for years. “Why doesn’t this exist!?” I’ll experience […]

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500 Websites Lesson
What I Learned from Visiting 500 Websites in One Week

About a month ago, I decided to tackle the ambitious project of turning the database of recommendations that I use for my newsletter into a […]

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Email Hack Reminders
Email Hack: Automated Email Reminders

SaneReminders is one of my favorite features of SaneBox, which is one of my favorite email hacks. Here’s how I use it: To Delay a […]

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Getting Started With Fancy Hands

Earlier this year, Russ Perry introduced me to Fancy Hands, a virtual assistant service that I’ve talked a lot about. I asked him to write […]

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Products for Better Sleep
The Shopping Spree That Will Help You Sleep

Two things happened this week. First, my 8 week old slept 8 hours through the night, way ahead of the schedule that all the naysayers […]

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Badge Buster
Badge Buster: Tell Your Phone to Leave You Alone

Badges are demanding. You know, those little red numbers on every icon of your iPhone. They’re distracting and addictive, and if you’re like me, you […]

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How to Collect eBooks
How to Collect eBooks Without Collecting Spam

It seems like every website that you go to these days has one of these: By design, eBooks are a great marketing tool for building […]

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So This is How Twitter Works - Chris Ronzio
Oh, So This is How Twitter Works

I’m usually an early adopter, but not this time. I signed up for Twitter in April 2011, long after it was cool. I posted a […]

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