Beyond the DVD

Chris Ronzio

About once a week, I find myself in a conversation with someone (a customer, employee, family member, etc) about what’s next. DVDs are at the core of my production company’s business, but it’s no secret that they won’t last forever. So here’s what I think:

In the future, people will manage all their videos from an account on a website that synchronizes with all of their devices. Yes, Apple’s iCloud is one option, but it’s still too early to see how things will shake out. With so many device manufacturers, it won’t be one manufacturer to unite everyone’s content. I don’t think it’s as much about the device or the format anymore as it is about the accessibility and the availability of the content that video companies produce.

Right now, when people buy an event video, they expect a DVD. That’s because people have gotten used to consuming video through their DVD players – but that’s changing. Already, people consume video through their phones, computers, gaming consoles, and tablets. So as event video producers, our goal for the future should be to make it as easy as possible for customers to consume media through whatever digital format is most convenient for them. That means producing video in the highest  quality that is economically feasible, pushing it to an intermediary, and distributing it in a variety of formats (see graphic below from the Video Convergence Forum).

But, just as MP3’s aren’t good enough for every audio consumer, there will still be a demand for physical media in some instances. To me, the ideal video product would stream or broadcast live, backup remotely, post for customers to playback or download in a variety of formats and on a variety of devices, and then be available later in multiple physical formats like DVD or Blu-Ray. This fall, we hope for to help videographers around the country get one step closer to that goal. (Sign up for updates at

So, what’s next? Keep making great video, partner up with a great distributor, and give customers whatever it is that they want.

Check out the Video Convergence Forum and their white paper on the video ecosystem.

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