2014’s Greatest Hits

Chris Ronzio

I know, you’ve been busy all year. Each week, you’ve fought the urge to read my blog because there was some important fire to put out. But now that the fires have subsided and the holidays are behind us, you have some catching up to do!

Here are my 10 most popular blog posts (my greatest hits!) of 2014 by shares and overall traffic. Enjoy!

  1. Get Your Week Back: How I save 10-20 hours every week (131 Shares)
  2. The Shopping Spree That Will Help You Sleep (73 Shares)
  3. The Time I Became a Lyft Driver (71 Shares)
  4. So, I bought a software company (55 Shares)
  5. The $5 I Spent to Make this Blog Interesting (21 Shares)
  6. Oh, So This is How Twitter Works (20 Shares)
  7. Email Hack: Automated Email Reminders (10 Shares)
  8. What I Learned from Visiting 500 Websites in One Week (10 Shares)
  9. Make Your Idea Happen (For Real This Time) (9 Shares)
  10. What’s in My Menu Bar? (8 Shares)


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